Summer is Here!

 Summer has finally arrived in Charleston, schools are out and we are ready to begin our summer fun at Miss Aimee’s Child Care. I am sure we all remember our summer times. Running wild, out until the fireflies come out and the sun has begin to set.  While these neighborhood games aren’t something that happens much these day, we do our best to recognize that kids need to be kids. Childhood.

Day Care Soccer Fun

I am sure that you know there are many benefits of physical activity.  Some of these include a reduction in obesity and improved cardiovascular health. Preschool children are not exempt. Miss Aimee’s Childcare feels that as a team building sport, soccer teaches children how to work together, balance, and listening. It is also a great heart healthy activity. We wanted to share with you some of our shots of kids.

Summer Camp Helps Prepare Kids Developmentally

At Miss Amiee’s we like to think of our summer daycare as camp, we even have sleepovers and fun field trips. We think this way because kids, even preschoolers, need a break from the monotony of school. We also have some children that come for just a few weeks in the summer. Camp prepares children differently for life experiences. According to Psychology Today, summer camp makes kids resilient. While camp.

Field Trips!

Preschooler’s love to take field trips. It is exciting for them to explore new places, learn what they have to offer, take a bag lunch and of course ride a bus. Children get so excited and they talk about for days on end. For preschool children, field trips help to develop listening, coordination with groups and appropriate behavior during outings. Charleston has many places to offer the preschool child for.

Beach Time Fun!

Do you remember summers at the beach, or maybe just wish you had those memories? Summer memories are great and beach memories on warm days we seem to remember the most. Charleston has many wonderful benefits on of these is the wonderful environment. It has so much to offer the young preschool mind. First of all, it is the worlds largest sand box with endless possibilities of castles and sand.

Painting Imagination

Did you know that finger painting has been around for centuries? Some cave drawings have even been linked to finger painting. Finger painting as we know it came about in the 1930′s. Children often would use it as a form of self expression, we use it in art therapy programs and children often use it when the are bored at the dinner table. Adults miss is so much that there.

Spanish for Preschoolers

Did you know that preschool is a perfect time to teach your preschooler a different language?  At Miss Aimee’s Childcare we believe that teaching a foreign language to preschoolers is the perfect time to introduce kids to a foreign language. It is for the this reason that we have a spanish teacher who comes in weekly to teach our children. They love learning letters, colors and other words in Spanish. It.

Keeping Your Kids Healthy

Keeping your kids healthy at daycare can be hard even frustrating at times.  It seems like every time you drop them off some other child has a runny nose, is sneezing in their hands or passing along germ infested, half eaten food to another kid. So what are some ways to keep your kids healthy at daycare? Good hand washing! Yep it is the first line of defense against spreading.