Reading to your child is the number one way to improve education. This all begins with library trips. We go weekly to utilize all that Sullivan’s Island Public library has to offer. The children love the trips, storytelling and crafts at the library.

Reading to your child has wonderful benefits for parents as well. The Huffington Post published 5 Hidden Benefits to reading to your child. The obvious that the you as parents get some joy out of spending quality time with your child. Additionally we can assess first hand how your child is improving in preschool and address concerns early on. Reading with your child…

  1. Builds bonds between your and your child, as well as your child and positive character figures.
  2. Children who read daily are usually ahead of those who do not.
  3. A rich vocabulary gives a child an advantage over those that do not.
  4. Teach by example. Parents who read have children who read and everyone benefits.
  5. It boosts self esteem and communication skills. Children who can communicate their wants, needs and thoughts are more likely to be engaged socially.

The Charleston and Mount Pleasant SC areas have some great reading resources that are free. Reading doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. A library card only requires proof of residency. These libraries also offer may electronic options.

Miss Aimee’s is located a few blocks from the Edgar Allen Poe Library on Sullivan’s Island, SC. The children love to take field trips to the library and look forward to circle time, reading the choices of each student. Reading fosters imagination which enhances creativity.